2020 Foreword

With the turn of the new year, 2020 launched the world into a chaos that had long been predicted, but hardly prepared for. Covid-19 held a magnifying glass to the global economy’s flaws—flaws that have long been clear but that society continued to press the snooze button on. For the first time ever, the amount of material consumed by our global economy also surpassed 100 billion tonnes, of which only 8.6% is being cycled back into the economy—a sobering indicator of the progress we have yet to make...
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Circle Economy would not be able to achieve the impact we do without the generous backing of our sponsors and donors. We thank them for their support of our mission by providing us with the ability to conduct innovative research, identify partners, and lay a strong foundation for a number of our initiatives. They have enabled the organisation to grow, mature and launch many of our most exciting and game changing projects. Their support allows us to take the necessary steps in making the circular economy a reality.